Monday, November 30, 2009

That's The Ticket!

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AJ Styles: TNA Will Compete With WWE On Monday Nights

TNA Wrestling World champion A.J. Styles was interviewed by Perth, Australia's 91.3 SportFM and spoke TNA's desire to compete with WWE.

Radio host Jason Dattilo asked Styles about the rumor that TNA Wrestling could be moving their programming to Monday nights to compete with WWE Raw and start a new Monday Night War. When asked whether TNA on Monday nights will ever happen, Styles responded confidently by saying, "Absolutely. One day it will happen, there's no doubt about it. I know we can run with them."

This brought the conversation to whether TNA is ready to start a war and what is holding them back from being ready to take WWE down. Styles implied that money was a big reason WWE is able to produce a top notch product and get their brand name out there.

"A lot of things (wrong) are our production issues. The reason why WWE is out there and so big and been there so long and their production is very expensive. We're working our way up there to get to that point. We just don't have the money they do."

Styles also pointed to TNA not having the brand awareness that WWE has in the marketplace. Styles said if the production value picks up and TNA can "get their name out there,", he sees TNA being able to compete with WWE.

Styles named Rey Mysterio, Shawn Michaels, Shelton Benjamin, Christian and Evan Bourne as WWE superstars who would be a good fit in TNA.

More Hogan News

» According to a source within TNA, Hulk Hogan was on a speakerphone/conference call talking to the roster during Dixie Carter's meeting several weeks ago. According to our source, it basically looked like Hogan was big-leaguing everyone because he wasn't there in person. There are lots of mixed feelings about this within TNA. Just about everyone has a differing opinion.

» There’s no definitive word on when Hulk Hogan will show up in-person on TNA television.That there is talk that TNA will film something in a private studio to keep the details of his first appearance on iMPACT from leaking to the internet. For what it’s worth, there’s speculation that he may not make his first real appearance for the company until January.

» The decision to hold the Hulk Hogan press conference at Madison Square Garden was meant by the Hogan camp as a shot at Vince McMahon, due to the McMahon family’s long history with the building. A source claims Hogan did not inform MSG management that he would announce anything related to TNA, and simply told them there would be a press conference with television cameras.

It's Beggining To Look Alot Like Christmas

I have been looking for the perfect Christmas gift to get my parents this week and of course the best way to find the right gift, and the easiest, is to check out the Internet and that’s just what I did. My parents are a lot like me in that they love their television time and they love watching movies and sporting events in HD as well.

So I decided I would set them up with their own Direct TV so that they can actually enjoy television the way it’s supposed to be watched! I myself got DirectTV a few months ago because I knew that they would have the international channels that my wife would enjoy as she is from the Philippines.

I guess now the only question is, once I get Directv for them for a Christmas gift, how will I ever get them on the roof to unwrap the dish?

Bill O'Reilly's Quote of the Day

Bill is a true hero of those that think with common sense

"...yesterday, some high profile religious leaders issued a manifesto urging people of faith to fight back against liberal social policies and rampant secularism... So the question becomes, will Americans of faith rally to this provocative point of view? If they do, the culture war will become very intense..."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Be Informed

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Shane McMahon-UFC Update

WWE executive Shane McMahon is looking to buy a financial interest in the UFC. As noted earlier, Shane McMahon will officially leave his WWE position as VP of Global Media on January 1st, 2010.

Shane recently cashed out $50 of his $80 million dollars in WWE stock, which would be the money he would use to get a piece of the UFC. UFC President Dana White has always said that he’d be willing to let somebody buy into a minority stake of his now billion dollar empire, and McMahon makes sense.

White wants someone who’s willing to sit on the sidelines, which is something Shane has done for years in the WWE, but that doesn’t mean the UFC wouldn’t be able to use the prodigal son. McMahon is known as the WWE’s mastermind behind securing large international business deals and that’s something that the UFC has been trying to do over the course of the last two years. Everything that the UFC wants internationally, Shane McMahon has already accomplished.

During the UFC Fight Club last week in Las Vegas, UFC President Dana White again declined to discuss in detail the meeting he recently had with McMahon, simply noting that he was a good friend and "you never know."

Quote Of The Day

From country music legend Charlie Daniels and I have to echo the sentiment:

"Almighty God, I thank You most of all for Your supreme gift of Your Son, Jesus, and the blood that He shed, that lowly sinners such as me can come to Your throne of grace and receive eternal life."

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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Eric Bischoff At TNA Offices Last Week

Eric Bischoff was at the TNA Wrestling offices in Nashville, TN at some point last week. No other details are known at this time regarding what he was doing in Nashville.

Bischoff has stayed relatively quiet since the announcement of Hulk Hogan signing with TNA and how his BHE TV company agreed to a deal with Spike TV in partnership with TNA.

Bischoff did write on his Twitter page the days following the Hogan announcement, "Getting a real kick out of all the speculation and 'inside knowledge' being spread in the internet...pretty funny." is also reporting that he was at the recent Hulk Hogan-Ric Flair press conference in Australia

Bill O'Reilly's Quote of the Day

Bill has the words:

"it is the economy that will define whether or not Barack Obama is successful and whether conservatives can mount a comeback against him... The current recession is painful, but if the USA goes bankrupt like California, there will be revolt in this country. So it is time to put all the social engineering on hold and get back to sound economic principles. The right wants to do that. The left does not. Therein lies the struggle. At this point, conservative America is regaining momentum and the left is on the defensive."

You Could Win $5000!

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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Brock Lesnar's Trainer: He'll Be Healthy & Fighting In 6 Months

Brock Lesnar's longtime friend and Jiu-Jitsu coach tells that the UFC Heavyweight champ WILL return to the Octagon -- within 6 months.

Rodrigo "Comprido" Medeiros, a 7-time World Jiu-Jitsu champion, told TMZ that Lesnar "is getting better and that is the most important thing ... He will be fine and be fighting again within 6 months."

Medeiros added, "I can just say that the heavyweights can stop laughing and get ready to start crying because the champion will be back soon."

Lesnar had surgery earlier this week to repair a hole in his intestine. While Lesnar is still in rough shape and has a long road ahead of him, the outlook has improved dramatically from last week when Dana White was saying that Lesnar is "very very sick" and may never fight again.

Quote Of The Day

From Country Legend Charlie Daniels:

"I keep wondering how long the American people will continue to be blinded by the arrogance and dangerous incompetence of the Obama Administration. It's as if they have set out to destroy America and everything we stand for.

Attorney General Eric Holder has announced that some of the terrorists responsible for the attacks on 9/11, including mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, will actually be brought to New York and given a civil trial, which is tantamount to insanity.

The implications of such a trial are so far reaching and potentially catastrophic as to be absolutely terrifying."

Gonna Have A Party!

Lately I have been thinking of having a party after my wife arrives here from the Philippines, the problem was and is, what kind of party should I have? Well after careful consideration at the many themes that I could have chosen, and there was a lot to choose from, was having a casino party.

Now the next step was to find a company that could take care of the casino party rentals that would be needed. My wife is really going to love this, now I’m not saying she loves to gamble, I am just saying this party is definitely a recipe for fun!

Finding someone that I can trust to pull this casino party off is another big decision. I would need a company with experience and a really good track record. So how else do you find what you might be looking for? On the Internet of course and as a favor to my friends in Illinois and Florida, you should check out Casino Party Planners and have a casino party yourself!

Full Results For Hulk Hogan's Melbourne Tour

Credit: prowrestling.NET:

Nick Dinsmore (a/k/a Eugene) with Pimp Fatha (a/k/a Godfather) defeated Rock of Love. Dinsmore and Fatha win after the hot tag. Fatha hit the pimp driver. Great chant for one of the heels to 'put his shirt on.'

Spartan3000 Matt Cross defeated "Outcast" Shannon Moore. Cross won with a shooting star press. Cross was heel but hit the finish and got a pop. Moore wasn't over.

The Nasty Boys defeated Black Pearl and Vampire Warrior in an Australian Street Fight. The latter duo was Team Puffy Black Shirt. Basic hardcore match. The Nasty Boys were over.

Brutus Beefcake defeated Heidenreich. Brutus got the win witih a sleeper. Boring match. Hedenreich was okay and spent time jawing with the referee. Brutus Beefcake cut the referee's hair after the match.


Lacey Von Erich won a bikini contest. There were two Playboy models and another girl. Pimp Fatha came out. After Lacy won the contest, a fat dude got on the ring and danced.

Ric Flair cut a sweet promo and then press conference footage was shown.

Mr. Anderson defeated Sean Morley (a/k/a Val Venis). The former Mr. Kennedy won with the Mic Check after Morley missed with the Money SHot.

Orlando Jordan came out to custom music, which was rare. He cut a promo about being the greatest and then introduced Uso Fatu (Umaga) as his partner.

Brian Lawler and Rikishi defeated Orlando Jordan and Uso Fatu. Good action and comedy. The crowd was into it and chanted "Jerry's Kid" at Lawler. They also chanted "Booker T" at Jordan because of the dreads. Lawler and Rikishi danced afterward despite some reluctance from the latter. The referee did the worm, but Lawler kicked him out for doing so.

Hulk Hogan defeated Ric Flair. Unreal experience. Glad to see it in person. After great backstage promos, they came to the ring. Once they were in the arena the noise was deafening. All of their trademark spots were in there. Both men eventually bladed. Hogan used Flair's brass knuckles to win. No leg drop.

Bill O'Reilly's Quote of the Day

Bill has something to say about Sarah Palin and it's good to see someone saying something positive about this great woman for a change:

"There is no question Sarah Palin is a media star who commands attention wherever she goes. In America today, that is enough for her to build on if she wants to run for president in 2012. Very simply, that's why Sarah Palin matters. She's big. She could mount a serious primary challenge. That's why the far left despises her. Mrs. Palin has the attention of the folks..."

Friday, November 20, 2009

A Christmas Get Away

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hiltons of Branson. All opinions are 100% mine.

Wouldn’t it be great to spend a Christmas vacation with your family in a setting that can only be described as picturesque? Sure you would, we all would, and now we can! I have always wanted to go to Branson Missouri for an Ozark Mountain Christmas and now with the packages that the Hiltons of Branson are offering it can be a reality!

I can just imagine spending the Christmas Holidays with my wife at Branson and enjoying the shows by some acts including the likes of; Charlie Daniels, Marty Stewart, and Tony Orlando.

With packages starting at $329.00 per night and running from Nov 15 thru Dec 23 this is just what I have been waiting for. These packages include such things as; shopping, relaxation and entertainment with receipt a
Hilton Promenade at Branson Landing passport loaded with discounts at dozens of shops and restaurants along with a treatment at Aspire Medical Spa.

Sounds good right? Well let’s not forget about the kids, from Friday thru Sunday Nov 15 thru Dec 23 the little ones will enjoy Story Time with Mrs. Claus in the lobby of the
Hilton Branson Convention Center Hotel, and Santa himself will deliver presents, cookies and milk to guest’s rooms with the Santa’s Coming to Town Package, starting at $189 per night.

This appeals to me as if we will be walking directly into a Norman Rocwell painting and that is as family as you can get! So make your reservations now friends and mark your calenders because christmas is just around the corner!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hulkamania Tour News

-- ABC News has coverage of Hulk Hogan appearing at the Australian Parliament House in Canberra to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation.

-- The press conference, which saw Ric Flair bloody up Hulk Hogan, continues to get a lot of mainstream publicity overseas.

-- This will be Ric Flair's first match since WrestleMania 24 in 2008. This will be Hulk Hoganis first match since April of 2007, when he faced Paul "Big Show" Wight in Memphis.

-- Scheduled for the tour are: The Nasty Boys, Brutus Beefcake, Ken Anderson, Eddie Fatu (Umaga), Sean Morley (Val Venis), Jimmy Hart, Black Pearl, Vampire Warrior (Gangrel), Solofa Fatu (Rikishi), Orlando Jordan, Nick Dinsmore (Eugene), The Pimp Fatha (Charles "Godfather" Wright), Heindenreich, Spartan 300 (Matt 'M-Dog 20' Cross), Lacey Von Erich, Stephanie Pietz and Koa Marie Turner.

-- The tour dates are:

* November 21st: Melbourne at the Rod Laver Arena
* November 24th: Burwood Dome in Perth
* November 26th: Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Brisbane
* November 28th: Acer Centre in Sydney

Bill O'Reilly's Quote of the Day

I really enjoy watching the O'Reilly factor and if Bill ever decided to run for president he would have my vote, well friends, here is is quote of the day:

"...the terrorists should be convicted because they've admitted what they've done. There's no need for a show trial. There's no need to give them a propaganda outlet. They admitted it. Again, the president needs to wise up. Even though Mr. Obama has been in office less than a year, his image is beginning to tarnish. We've been fair to the president here. You know that, but common sense must rule, not far left ideology."

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I Love My Dad

It is a fact of life that sooner or later the ones that you love are going to get older and some just won’t be able to take care of themselves the way they used to and they certainly wouldn’t want to feel like a burden on their family so the only other option is Senior Citizens Housing.

Now finding the right place for them to settle in their golden years can get complicated and how do you know whom you can trust? Well, most are really great places where they will be well taken care of and at the same time not meant to feel like they can’t do anything for themselves.

I found out today that my father has to start taking oxygen regularly at night, so it got me thinking
Assisted living might be a possibility for him as well as maybe Home healthcare . Well friends, if it is, I of course would want him to have the best as I am sure you would for your loved ones as well.

So checking into this really isn’t a sad thing, it’s just a fact of life that we have to deal with. But the real fact is, is that they would just be living in a different location where we can visit them just as if they were at home. I feel much better now that I’ve talked with you friends, thanks so much!

The Next 4 RAW Guest Hosts Revealed

Nov. 23, 2009: Jesse Ventura
This week, WWE Hall of Famer Jesse Ventura will take the reins from Hershey, Pa., on a special Thanksgiving three-hour presentation of Raw. The illustrious Superstar’s role comes just more than one week before the debut of Ventura’s new truTV series, Conspiracy Theory, which airs on Dec. 2 at 10 p.m. ET.

Nov. 30, 2009: Verne Troyer
Best known for playing Mini-Me in the Austin Powers comedy series, Verne Troyer will serve as guest host on Nov. 30 from Baltimore. One of the shortest yet largely recognizable men in the world, the actor has more than 15 years of television experience.

Dec. 7, 2009: Mark Cuban
Instead of humoring the NBA Universe with his infinite antics and making authoritative basketball decisions for one night, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will spend time delegating responsibility to WWE Superstars when he hosts Raw on Dec. 7 from Dallas.

Dec. 14, 2009: Dennis Miller
Comedian and radio talk show host Dennis Miller, meanwhile, will serve as the host of the 2009 Slammy Awards during a special three-hour presentation of Raw on Dec. 14 from Corpus Christi, Texas. The five-time Emmy award-winning comic is renowned for his improvisations and acerbic humor about pop culture and politics.

Quote Of The Day

From Charlie Daniels:

"I want to make something perfectly clear, the God of the Jews and Christians, known as Jehovah, and the god of Muslims, known as Allah, are not one and the same.

If they were, the Creator of the universe would be constantly contradicting Himself, telling the Christians and Jews one thing and the Muslims another."

Be A Star!

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Here’s how it works; Original Popstation songs are released Monday and are available in the
practice rooms for 2 weeks and that’s where you can take these songs and make them a part of you.

Then once every three months one #1 Artist will earn that top spot and then you and a guest will enjoy an all expenses paid three night stay in NYC where you will spend 3 nights in an awesome hotel and then you will be picked up in a luxury car service and taken to a professional recording studio where you will spend two days recording your very own album with the help of a professional production team.

Sounds like a dream come true? I believe I told you thatm, but there’s more. When your album is done with the final mixing, postproduction and design it will be featured on the Artists page of Popstation for the world to see.

See friends, dreams do come true!
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Cena's Next WWE Film

Filming for John Cena's next WWE Film's project, Brother's Keeper, will begin on December 7th in New Orleans.

Bill O'Reilly's Quote of the Day

there will now be two quotes of the day here, one from Bill O'Reilly and one from another smart human being of my choice:

"Mrs. Palin is the only Republican who's a genuine star, a media phenomenon. If she can recapture credibility, she can rise fast. ...folks are getting fed up with government intrusion, politicalvcorrectness, and murky policies that drain personal freedom. Polls show President Obama slipping big in job approval. If that continues, a populist like Sarah Palin might well emerge as a serious contender for power. That is why the attacks on her keep on coming. The left fears Sarah Palin."

A New Hobby

My wife will be here in a couple of months from the Philippines and I am so looking forward to this! But I am also feeling that she will need to have things to do other then being with her husband 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so I have been looking into hobbies for her.

In doing research on the Internet and talking to my wife I think that we have found something that she would enjoy very much. We were thinking that she could put together a dollhouse that she can one day share with a daughter that we hope to have. So I decided to help her with this quest and I think she likes the help as well.

I came across a web site that sells the most awesome dollhouse miniatures. These
dollhouse accessories are amazing in detail and there is almost anything that you could imagine that would go into an actual house. From electronics to food and groceries to musical instruments to clocks and so very much more.

I really do believe that we have found a dollhouse miniatures gold mine when I found “Zoolabees” web site and my wife is very pleased that someday she can share this very special hobby with that daughter that we are so hoping to have someday.

It’s amazing at some of the things that “Zoolabees” has, I even found a lawn mower that is perfect in every detail. The craftsmanship is totally awesome and amazing and let us not forget to mention that these dollhouse miniatures are at the right price as well!

They even have seasonal miniatures so that can decorate the house , for example, at Christmas time so this is a hobby that can be enjoyed for a long time to come!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Cleaning Up For The Holidays

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Hoover and Dirt Devil. All opinions are 100% mine.


It’s that time of year again friends, Christmas is just right around the corner and it will soon be time to buy gifts for those that you love! I would like to help you with that today by introducing you to the Dirt Devil Holiday Gift Guide. I honestly didn’t know that they offered so much until I looked through this guide.

They have such a huge selection from upright vacuums to hand held vacuums to steam cleaners to carpet cleaners and so very much more! They have vacuum cleaner parts and carpet cleaner parts as well. This was such a surprise to me until I decided to find and buy a
Dirt Devil for my wife.

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This guide actually does guide you through all that dirt devil has to offer and definitely helps to make your shopping experience one that you can enjoy! I know I am going to take advantage of this and suggest that you do the same! Merry Christmas friends!
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Brock Lesnar Undergoes Surgery Today

Dana White is saying that Brock Lesnar underwent "minor surgery" today in a Bismark, ND hospital.

White had flown to North Dakota for the surgery, and says that Lesnar is feeling better, but is not sure if he is out of the water yet.

Quote Of The Day

From Bill O'Reilly (getting sick of Bill yet?):

"On the subject of criminal illegal aliens, The Factor and Lou Dobbs [formerly of CNN] have been quite clear—zero tolerance. Commit a crime, serve time, and then be banished forever. But again, that deeply offends liberal America, which rarely makes value judgments about bad behaviors. It's all theory to them—the struggling downtrodden deserve every break, every entitlement, even if destruction and heartbreak is the result."

Monday, November 16, 2009

Get The Help!

Have you ever thought about starting your own web site and wonder where you can get some of the things necessary to make the site exactly what you want? Things like web design services, web site development , web hosting services, and search engine optimization services , all the things needed.

I will be the first to admit that I am no computer genius, well let’s be truthful, I am lucky to have my wife who helps me with all things computer.

In this day and age it’s almost a must to have your own website if you are running a business or want to do any kind of networking, so in turn, it is very important to have the right tools in creating and maintaining this web site in order to get what you want out of it. So if making the most of your web site, whether it be it for a business, shopping carts, directories, or portals then I suggest you find the help you need through people that know what you need and how to provide it.

Get all you need from the web friends, it is definitely the wave of the future and can make your present a whole lot better.

Kurt Angle Turning Point Injury

Dixie Carter made the following comments on her Twitter page, regarding injuries at the Turning Point PPV...

"Kurt threw his back out early in the match last night & gutted out the next 15+ mins as he & Desmond delivered one of the best of the year.

"No other injuries to report from the PPV. Kurt pushed thru last night and will not miss any action."

Brock Lesnar Facing Very Serious Surgery

Dana White is trying to get Brock Lesnar into the world famous Mayo Clinic and tells TMZ that Lesnar has some sort of intestinal disorder that will require "major surgery."

White described Lesnar as "very, very sick" and that he had collapsed in Canada a week ago after going there to rest up after being diagnosed with mono.

White also added the following: "There's a possibility Lesnar will never fight again."

Takin' Care Of Business!

Do you own a business or thinking about starting on soon and you need help in finding merchandise to resell? Imagine finding that merchandise for free! I thought that might get your attention!

Wholesale Merchandise Magazine is posted the first of every month and it has ads from wholesalers of all kind of merchandise. Let’s face it, with the economy going the way it is, starting your own business sounds like a good plan and if this is what you are doing then you need to take advantage of anything that’s free.

So check out the magazine and good luck with your business!

Shane McMahon Meets With UFC

It's confirmed that Shane McMahon had a meeting at the UFC/Zuffa offices around a week ago.

When asked about this, UFC President Dana White said "no comment."

McMahon, who was Executive Vice President of Global Media for WWE, will be leaving WWE effective January 1, 2010.

Quote Of The Day

Bill O'Reilly is letting the president know what alot of us would like to tell him as well:

"...Khalid Sheikh Mohammed will not be on trial in New York City--waterboarding and the CIA will be. The exposition is likely will be a fiasco. It will take years. It will cost tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. Again, why are we doing this? ...President Obama should explain this thoroughly. Instead, the announcement is made while he's in Asia. Does that tell you something? Why didn't he wait until he got back? I'll tell you why: because this is indefensible."

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hitting The Slopes

Have you ever wanted to see the Ski World Cup? Well friends, if this is a dream of yours then I might just be the person to point you in the direction of making your dream come true!

The Hotel Interski has put together a
FIS Worldcup Weekend in Val Gardena package just for you! In this package you can get; 3 nights with half board in the standard double room "Sella", 3 days "Dolomiti Superskipass", Tickets for the two Worlcup Races in Val Gardena on the "Saslong", and Fan-Set from Colmar.

The Hotel Interski is located right in front of the "Saslong" slope, where the races are done, so you can see all of the action first hand and like you have never seen it before! FIS Ski Super-G and downhill races in Val Gardena on 18th and 19th December could be one of the best events of your life! But., the questions is, will you take it?

Well friends, at the price they are offering you with this package my suggestion would be to grab it now! So make your reservation, bring along your expectations, because this should be the event that you have been waiting to attend for a long time and I’m sure it wont disappoint!

Hulk Hogan's TNA Wishlist

The New York Daily News has published comments that Hulk Hogan made to a fan at a recent book signing regarding his vision for TNA Wrestling. Hogan said that he hopes to bring in Steve Austin, Randy Savage, Rob Van Dam, and the Nasty Boys tag team to TNA. He also wants to start a new Monday Night War against WWE.

"I wish to talk to Rob Van Dam, who is considering returning to the ring, and convince him to join TNA," Hogan said. "Plus I'm also wishing to contact ex-Nasty Boy Brian Knobbs, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Macho Man Randy Savage."

The newspaper reports that Hogan is pushing for TNA programming on Monday nights, which was one rumored around the time it was announced Hogan and Eric Bischoff are partnering with TNA.

Quote Of The Day

From Bill O'Reilly:

"What is confirmed is that [Fort Hood killer] Hasan was involved with Islamic terror elements. But the media still, still does not want to acknowledge the truth. That's downright dangerous because people are dying all over the world, the victims of terrorism generated by fanatical Muslims. It's time the American media wised up, got honest, and told the folks exactly the danger we all face."

Friday, November 13, 2009

See For Yourself

Would you like to lose those annoying glasses or those bothersome contact lenses? Have you ever thought about Lasik eye surgery? It could be the answer that you have been looking for.

At the
Stahl Eye Center Lasik & Cataract Surgery Clinic the doctors are graduates of Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and Yale universities with offices in Manhattan, Long Island, New York Boroughs. This could just be the miracle that you have been looking for in order to rid yourself of those glasses or contacts.

So check them out friends and see for yourself that this is the place that you want to be for any Lasik & Cataract Surgery.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Daytime Ratings

Ratings for the week November 2-6, 2009

(Compared to Last Week/Compared to Last Year)

Total Viewers
1. Y&R 4,834,000 (-168,000/+160,000)
2. B&B 3,142,000 (-135,000/-237,000)
3. DAYS 2,866,000 (-93,000/+180,000)
4. GH 2,782,000 (+54,000/-113,000)
5. AMC 2,576,000 (-146,000/-88,000)
6. ATWT 2,548,000 (+41,000/-3,000)
7. OLTL 2,450,000 (-70,000/-243,000)

1. Y&R 3.5/12 (-.1/+.1)
2. B&B 2.3/8 (-.1/-.2)
3. DAYS 2.1/7 (-.1/+.1)
3. GH 2.1/6 (same/-.1)
5. AMC 2.0/7 (-.1/same)
6. ATWT 1.9/6 (+.1/same)
6. OLTL 1.9/6 (same/-.1)

Women 18-49 Viewers
1. Y&R 1,123,000 (+16,000/+84,000)
2. GH 919,000 (same/-62,000)
3. DAYS 869,000 (-30,000/+21,000)
4. OLTL 722,000 (-5,000/-155,000)
5. B&B 704,000 (+20,000/-144,000)
6. AMC 701,000 (-37,000/-103,000)
7. ATWT 624,000 (+26,000/-73,000)

Women 18-49 Rating
1. Y&R 1.7/11 (same/+.1)
2. GH 1.4/8 (same/-.1)
3. DAYS 1.3/8 (-.1/same)
4. B&B 1.1/7 (+.1/-.2)
4. AMC 1.1/7 (same/-.1)
4. OLTL 1.1/7 (same/-.2)
7. ATWT 0.9/6 (same/-.2)

TNA Turning Point Card

* Bobby Lashley vs. Scott Steiner

* Kurt Angle vs. Desmond Wolfe

* Street Fight: Rhino and Team 3D vs. Matt Morgan, Hernandez and Pope D'Angelo Dinero

* Six Sides Of Steel: Tara vs. Awesome Kong

* All Knockouts Titles On The Line: Sarita and Taylor Wilde © and ODB © vs. The Beautiful People

* X-Division Title Match: Amazing Red © vs. Homicide

* TNA Tag Team Title Match: The British Invasion © vs. The Motor City Machineguns vs. Beer Money

* TNA World Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Samoa Joe vs. Daniels

One Of The Best Places to Work

Have you ever wondered where the best places to work are in America? I did a little research and found one, Cydcor. Cydcor has supportive work environment, open communication, paid time to volunteer, and wellness programs and Cydcor was named among San Fernando Valley’s 2009 “Best Places to Work”. Sounds like a great place to be in such an uncertain job market.

Today in Wrestling History

Title Changes:

* 1965 - Mad Dog Vachon defeated The Crusher for the AWA World Title
* 1966 - Dick The Bruiser defeated Mad Dog Vachon for the AWA World Heavyweight Title
* 2001 - The Hardy Boyz defeated Booker T and Test for the WWF Tag Team title
* 2001 - Edge defeated Kurt Angle for the WCW U.S. Heavyweight title
* 2006 - Vampiro defeated Sean Waltman (6 Pac) to become the first WSX Champion

Mike Tyson Arrested

According to Reuters, boxer Mike Tyson was arrested on Wednesday after brawling with a celebrity photographer at Los Angeles International Airport. The photographer, who was also arrested, suffered a cut to his forehead and was taken to a hospital. Tyson told police the photographer struck him in an attempt to provoke him, and the photographer claimed Tyson punched him in the face and tried to take film from his camera.

A Bit Of Information

Are you like me, in trying to find the best bank rates or would like to post a mortgage widget to your website so that all of your visitors can be informed and up to date with the most recent mortgage rates? Then friends, follow the link and start being in the know right now!

The Card For The Hulkamania Melbourne Show

Here is the updated card for the November 21st Hulkamania show in Melbourne, Australia:

* Tag Team Match: Nick Dinsmore (formerly known as Ugene) and "Pimp Fatha" Charles Wright (formerly known as Godfather) vs. Rock of Love

* Spartan 3000 Matt Cross vs. Shannon Moore

* Tag Team Match: Vampire Warrior & Black Pearl "The Count of California vs. The Nasty Boys w/Jimmy Hart

* Brutus Beefcake w/Jimmy Hart vs. Heidenreich

* Bikini Challenge: Lacey Von Erich vs. Koa Marie Turner vs. Kiara Dillon vs. Stephanie Pietz

* Sean Morley (formerly known as Val Venis) vs. Ken Anderson (formerly known as Mr Kennedy)

* Tag Team Match: Orlando Jordan & Edward Smith Fatu (formerly known as Umaga) vs. Solofa Fatu Jnr (formerly known as Rikishi) & Brian Christopher

* MAIN EVENT: Ric Flair vs. Hulk Hogan

Quote Of The Day

From Bill again:

"We do... continue to believe that most Muslims are good people. And I understand they must be protected, but not to a ridiculous degree. The evidence was there about Hasan, but political correctness prevented action. To a large extent, the media drives the PC insanity in this country. And it's appalling."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Check out JDI!

Here is something that I’ve never really thought about before until I found the website of JDI inc. If you live in North Carolina, Alabama, South Carolina, Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, or Florida then this site just might be for you.

JDI inc. has the
industrial parts washer that can tackle some of the most difficult cleaning applications. But not only that but they also have vehicle wash systems, water filtration systems, oil filtration and recycling, oiltrac fluid management, and process review and design consulting.

Does any of this sound what you are looking for? If so, then check out JDI inc.

Kurt Angle Cleared On Assault Charges

According to WTAE out of Pittsburgh, assault charges against Kurt Angle were dismissed today during a court hearing in Corapolis, PA. Angle commented on the case, stating the following:

"I've never hit a woman and never would. I was brought up by my mother that way, and I had to go through this."

Quote Of The Day

From Bill O'Reilly (of course):

"...aggressive action must be taken to find out what was known about Hasan and who knew it. The guy [didn't] snap. He was indoctrinated into Muslim fanaticism and people knew it. Political correctness can get people killed. I believe that's part of the Fort Hood massacre story. Hasan was a weird guy. He said inappropriate things. He did inappropriate things. Yet he continued to serve as a major in the Army largely because I believe he's a Muslim."

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eyeball This!

Have you ever wondered about the people that have gotten Lasik eye surgeries felt about the process after the fact? Or maybe you want a way to know for sure if your surgeon is qualified to work on your eyes? There is a way, friends, a Lasik results study from a nonprofit patient advocacy reveals that 91% of patients who report a Lasik complication that is seldom problematic would have the surgery again knowing what they know now.

If you would like to learn more about Lasik and this survey then let me suggest to you that you will want to point your browser in the direction of the link I have given you.

Last Night

I watched a video from 2000 XPW show, I have never seen anything from this oranization before but was quite excited to see a hardcore match pitting Terry Funk and Sabu in the main event.

Most of the matches lacked everything and the Funk/Sabu match was a big disappointment, maybe because 2 unknown to me , wrestlers pulled of a king of hardcore match that involved light bulbs, barbed wire, nails, tacks, and even a sword!

Yes I know wrestling is "fake" in being that the outcome is predeteremined but even a non wrestling fan would appreiciate what these guyts put their bodies through.

A New Wrestling Promotion

Gabe Sapolsky made the following blog post today: EVOLVE wrestling is here!!! After several months of preparation EVOLVE is here. What is EVOLVE? We urge you to keep checking to watch this new promotion grow, develop and evolve before your eyes. All we'll say now in this blog is that the partnership of Sal Hamaoui, Davey Richards and myself is behind EVOLVE. Sal Hamoui was looking into a New York State promoter's license, so as of now, it looks as if the company will run in the Northeast.

The Fridge Locker

I just recently started a diet and in doing so I have looked online to find something that might help me along with it. In my search I believe I have found possibly the coolest diet aid that I have ever seen!

The Fridge Locker keeps those snacks and treats that help you pack on the pounds locked up and out of reach, which of course could also help with anyone else in your home that might like to raid the refrigerator at night while you are sleeping.

Friends, you really need to see this for yourself at it truly is the coolest diet aid I have ever seen!

Former WWE Diva Lilian Garcia Assaulted

Former WWE ring announcer Lilian Garica wrote on her official Twitter page that she was assaulted recently. She posted: "OMG!! I just had a punk kid try & steal my phone!! Luckily I held on tightly & he didn't get it but not before he threw me 2 the ground!!!! It was indeed assault! Filed report. Apparently there has been a few doing this. 2 have been caught so far! I'm ok. Hold on 2 ur iPhones! Took officer back to scene of the crime & low & behold there is a camera mounted rt above! Cops going to look @ it & try & find him now!!" For more visit

Quote Of The Day

From Bill O'Reilly on how the far left is treating the killings at Fort Hood:

"...the far-left loons are using the murders at Fort Hood to raise questions about Afghanistan and Iraq. Your humble correspondent believes media [outlets] that use tragedy to ram home political points are despicable. That should never happen. This Hasan should be condemned all day long. That's the story. The guy is either a Muslim terrorist or a crazy person. That's it. Those are the choices."

Friday, November 6, 2009

Get Dancing

I don’t have the best feet in the world as a matter of fact I have had two surgeries on them so shoes are something I take a personal interest in. I look at the Internet from time to time at the different kinds of shoes out there and I ran across a site on Dance Shoes. It was amazing, it seems there is a different kind of shoe for each style of dance.

I have always been a real believer in taking care of your feet and also a big believer in doing things right, in saying that I would recommend to anyone that is planning to take up dance or is already dancing to get the proper dance shoes for the style of dance they are finding themselves doing.

Just a small piece of advice from your friend Bob, dance world dance!

Ring Of Hell

Pro wrestling is a big part of my life and sometimes I probably post too much about it on this site, so I will try to back off on that just a little bit. But in a few days I will be posting my thoughts on a book called : RING OF HELL, which is some what the story of Chris Benoit.

Will let you know about this book as soon as I finish it, there were alot of surprises in this book so far and I am sure there will be many more to come.

The TNA Talent Meeting On iMPACT!

The TNA talent meeting, held by Dixie Carter at the start of iMPACT! was a legit talent meeting held by Carter at the tapings. The comments were not scripted, and were totally Carter's feelings. Carter was addressing changes in the company, as the recent changes have led to frustrations among the talent. Some feel that this was Carter's way of putting out fires. It was used on TV as a way to build the Hulk Hogan angle.

Changing My Life

The closer it gets to having my wife here in the states with me from the Philippines the more excited I get, but to be hones I am also getting a bit nervous. I really want to support her in a fashion that she deserves, so I have been contemplating going back to school so that I can possibly have a career instead of a job that doesn’t pay so well.

I also know that I can’t just jump into college since I have a day job so I have been looking into getting my schooling online. I’ve thought about what careers would make me happy and that will also help me keep my wife in comfort.

So I have been looking into
online physician assistant programs for several reasons. Some of those reasons are obvious in I believe that the medical field holds a real sense of job security and the money will definitely be better then what I make now.

But that’s not all really, I also am looking into this because I really do like to help people and this will be a way I can make a living and possibly help make life better for others as well. So this is my plan to find an
online medical school, get my degree, and keep a big smile on my wife’s face!

WWE Increasing The Price Of Their PPV Events

According to a memo sent out to people in the cable industry, WWE is planning to raise the price of their non-WrestleMania PPVs. The increase will be a $5.00 increase to $44.95. Also in the memo is the confirmation that the will be dropping one of the June PPVs, and scaling back to 13 PPVs a year.The PPV price increase will begin with the 2010 Royal Rumble. SO to make a long story short I will be getting less PPV's as I am sure many others will be as well.

Here is the WWE PPV schedule for 2010:

* 1.31.10: Royal Rumble
* 2.21.10: Elimination Chamber
* 3.28.10: WrestleMania XXVI
* 4.25.10: Backlash
* 5.23.10: Extreme Rules
* 6.20.10: WWE The Bash
* 7.18.10: TBD
* 8.15.10: Summerslam
* 9.19.10: Night of Champions
* 10.03.10: Hell In A Cell
* 10.24.10: WWE Bragging Rights
* 11.21.10: Survivor Series
* 12.19.10: WWE TLCL Tables Ladders And Chairs

Quote Of The Day

Todays quote comes from Steve Centanni:

" at the Pentagon, on military bases all across the country and around the world, this is one big family. Whenever they lose people here or abroad, they're saddened by that. And by this—they were shocked about this. They were dumbfounded because nothing like this has ever happened on a U.S. base before."

Thursday, November 5, 2009

An Extra Attic For My N.Carolina Friends

Do you find your home getting cluttered and you just don't seem to have the room that you used to have and you would really like to go back to the way it was? Well I have a treat for you as I have found just the thing that you have been needing.

Extra Attic is a
wilmington nc self storage that has the extra space that you have been looking for and at a price that you can afford. Located on the main thoroughfare of Market Street in Wilmington NC, this mini storage facility caters to the local community, businesses, and residents, year-long and seasonal, by offering a clean, safe, and affordable solution to their self storage dilemmas. Their storage units range in size from 5 x 5 to 10 x 30.

A Little Help Please

I would like to get some comments from those of you that have seen the new Michael Jackson's film that's out in theaters. I have been contemplating seeing it (because of the artist not because of the man) but I would prefer to know what I will be getting into before I go and spend money on it.

I swore I would not do a post on the man (Michael Jackson) but i have to say that I really believe that he was a true music icon and of all the titles he had that is one he deserved.

Sensless Tragedy

Here's a post that goes out to those that were shot and their families at Fort Hood Texas. I am positive that God is looking over you and for those that lost their lives in this senseless violence, rest well in our Fathers arms.

My sympathy and prayers go out to all involved. God Bless You all

What Did You Say?

Everyone that comes to my site knows that I am married to a woman from the Philippines, but what you might not know is that we have plans to start a business there. I am the first to admit that I am not too sure about ever being able to totally speak her native language, but I feel the need to do something about this because I need to be able to know what will be happening with said business.

So as I am trying to learn I also know that I can’t learn fast enough for the business. So I have been looking into translators and I came across Translia, a company that helps with those translation needs and this isn’t just something that is available to businesses but available to everyone whether in need of
name translation, one sentence, saying brand name, business card, and so on.

So if you are in the same situation as I am finding myself then you should check out Translia as well!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Jeff Hardy's Court Date Today

Jeff Hardy is scheduled to return to court today for a probable cause hearing at the Moore County Criminal District Court in Carthage, North Carolina. This is due to Hardy's arrest in September on a number of drug related charges. Today's hearing will determine if there has been a crime committed, and if Jeff Hardy as the defendant likely committed these crimes. If the determination is made that Jeff likely committed the crimes, the case would then move to the Grand Jury, where they will review the evidence and make a decision on whether or not to indict Hardy. Here are the charges he faces:

* Felony possession of cocaine.
* Felony drug trafficking of opium
* Felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug (two counts).
* Maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution.
* Possession of drug paraphernalia. (misdemeanor)

If Jeff gets indicted, the case will move to Superior Court to be tried. This is unless he makes a plea bargain with the prosecution.

Quote Of The Day

From one of my hero's Bill O'Reilly:

"...the voters tonight, I don't believe, voted [based on] foreign policy. I mean, I think it was mostly the health care mess that is hurting Obama. That's my opinion. I can't really back it up, but I think you'll see subsequent interviews saying that it was the health care mess that's hurt Obama most."

Monday, November 2, 2009

Here Comes Santa Claus

It’s no secret to those that know me that my favorite holiday is Halloween, but that holiday has just past, so next I am looking forward to Christmas. Now I don’t have children yet, but I have lots of nephews and nieces that love two things definitely and they are; Uncle Bob and Santa Claus!

So something that I’ve always wanted to do will get done this year as I am now looking for a Santa Claus costume so that I can see the surprised and happy looks on those little kid’s faces. So as always I do my searching online and I have found just the right costume at just the right price at “Buy Holidays Costumes”.

But why stop at a visit from Santa Claus? I am also looking through
elf costumes for my wife to wear as well. This should definitely please my nephews and nieces, almost as much as the bag of gifts I will be carrying with me as well!

So the plan is set, buy the Santa Claus costume and then the elf costume and make a few visits to my nephews and nieces, I’m not sure though who will be more excited, me or the nephews and nieces. Oh well, in this case we all win!

Remember to tell your friends and family MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Update On Big Show’s Film

WWE Studios has confirmed that the production on Knucklehead, which stars The Big Show, has finished production. The film will be released in theaters, which makes it the company's fifth theatrical release, and it will come out in the spring of 2010.

TNA Worried

Hulk Hogan already has some of the higher-ups in TNA worried as he apparently seemed hard-pressed to even mention the organization during his media blitz promoting his book last week. While the wrestling legend put over TNA here and there, the feeling is he treated the organization as an afterthought when appearing on such highly visible shows as Larry King Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Who's Calling?

Well friends, the time is getting closer when my wife will be joining me from the Philippines (probably December) and I have been thinking about some things I should be doing to get prepared for her being here. One of the things that came to mind is how she will be a bit homesick, so I thought I would look into prepaid phone Cards so that she might be able to call home frequently and talk to her family and friends.

I believe that
phone cards will definitely be a Godsend for my wife’s sanity when she starts to get homesick. But I guess first things first and that is finding the lowest rates to call international with these Calling Cards, because, well let’s face it I’m not a rich man. So doing what I normally do when I come across a decision such as this and that is research.

So I asked myself where should I start, and the answer of course was the Internet. Well friends, to make a long story short I found what I was looking for phone cards and calling cards with the lowest rates that I’ve ever seen. Now, I know what you are thinking, you are wondering where I found it, right? Just follow the link friends!

Hulk Hogan rips his WWE Hall of Fame ring, claims he attempted to join Metallica and the Rolling Stones

Hulk Hogan told the Chicago Tribune that he wears his WWE Hall of Fame ring to cover up a tattoo. "I think Vince McMahon paid $20 for it," Hogan said. "To cover up this Linda thing (a tattoo with his ex-wife's name). “I didn’t wear it for a while, but it’s perfect for covering that up."

Hogan also recalled attempting to join two legendary rock bands. "I was in England presenting an award with Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger’s ex, and she told me the [Rolling] Stones were looking for a bass player,” Hogan said. “I sent her a ton of merchandise that she asked for and said ‘Tell Mick I’m a great bass player.’ I never heard a word back.

“When Metallica was looking for a bass player, I called and never heard a word back from them either. I would have quit wrestling in a heartbeat to be a bass player for Metallica.”

Quote Of The Day

From Laura Ingraham, political radio host:

"...every time over the last century [that] politicians have tried to push through government-managed health care, they've been defeated by the American people. Going back to Teddy Roosevelt, the Americans have been rightly suspicious and frightened of Washington-run health care. As it is, we see Social Security and Medicare moving toward bankruptcy. We see Amtrak losing a billion plus annually. And now, we're going to put the Feds in charge of health care?"

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Real Skin Care

Do you have an acne problem that you just can’t seem to find help for? Millions of people are going through the same thing as you and you can include my wife in that crowd as well. But now there is real hope friends, Dr. Dermal has distinct advantages over other products since their active ingredients are clinically proven to combat all four causes of acne and their products are also endorsed by dermatologists, doctors and pharmacists.

As I was reading more about Dr Dermal the more I am convinced that they have the
best acne products because their products have none of the common side effects (that's no side effects friends!) associated with most OTC acne products: dryness, irritation sensitivity, or solar sensitivity.

Sounds good to you so far? Well, wait friends, there’s more! The unique holistic approach of providing a skin care range with acne protection will provide you with reinforced delivery of a proven active ingredient, while maintaining, and improving the quality of the skin and if you are wondering, the
new acne range is not tested on animals (only on human volunteers), and does not contain any ingredients that are banned or restricted anywhere in the world.

So what more could you ask for? Check them out for yourself and I am sure you will be as delighted as we are!


TNA iMPACT! Rating Is In - Did Hulk Hogan Draw?

Last night's edition of TNA iMPACT! did a 1.3 cable rating., up from recent weeks. We're guessing that Hulk Hogan's signing had to do with the increased rating. That is a 20% jump and also went head-to-head with the World Series which did over 19 million viewers on FOX which is crazy good.

Quote Of The Day

Yes I do like Bill O'Reilly and here's another quote from him:

"I'm hoping Governor Palin comes on the Factor. We'll put her in a position to speak directly to you. No slight of hand. No gotcha agenda. But even if she doesn't appear here, the governor must put forth her philosophy in vivid terms and be able to come up with solutions to complicated problems. I hope she does, because this country needs charismatic politicians and new voices..."